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‘Once you understand the world is round, there is nothing for you to do except explore the opened doors to a new and exciting world.” – Katherine Breuss

Who is Breuss Consulting?

Breuss Consulting creates and delivers development programmes to global organisations over the past 10 years in the form of facilitation, coaching and consulting with an array of experience in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. With the growing technology and changing needs of the learning environment, Breuss Consulting started 7 years ago designing, developing and delivering high level, blended learning using an integrative technology system and platform that is cost effective and scalable. Breuss Consulting brings the best of the best to its clients as we partner and collaborate with the top consultants and coaches across the globe who are experts in their field delivering a superior product to organisations. With our elite technology platform, our highly professional, virtual products and the collaboration amongst top consultants, we deliver a high quality, consistent, global and learning engagement to our clients.

Meet the Team


Katherine Breuss

Founder and Director, Breuss Consulting Pte Ltd
Founder and Director, Breuss eAcademy
Founder and Director, Vidapp

Katherine has been working over the past 20 years within corporates, banking institutions, as an executive coach, facilitator, consultant and entrepreneur delivering high quality products and services to CEOs, directors, vice presidents, high potential managers, associates and graduates.

Emanating from Katherine’s experience at Goldman Sachs in London, Breuss Consulting was founded in Singapore in 2004 with the focus to uncover the commercial talent and potential within all her clients.Whilst working at Goldman Sachs International, the Equity Research department grew from 50 to 200 within a year and along with it a necessary organizational change from a silo-based to a team-oriented and mentoring culture. Katherine managed stakeholders, coached directors, delivered feedback and created and implemented the necessary development programs to ensure a successful transition and commercial way forward.

Leveraging her experience and skills, Katherine has teamed up with the best consultants and coaches across the globe to deliver the 1st ever Corporate e-Academy delivering the fundamental business skills necessary to have a successful career. The approach used focuses first and foremost on the inside-out understanding, and with this model, outcomes are delivered through insights giving the individuals less to do whilst generating a strong and lasting effect that increases over time. This not only promotes self-awareness and a greater understanding of others, but also creates leaders that are influential, inspirational and highly successful.




Wilhelm Hast

Director, HAST Utveckling

Consultant, Trainer and Mentor/Coach for Managers and Executives. Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Has worked more than 20 years training and developing individuals and groups in the field of leadership, communication and personal effectiveness.

Wilhelm and his team has had the pleasure of working in countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Scotland, England, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland and Singapore – delivering top-notch training to managers and employees in international companies.Wilhelm inspires people to reach excellence with regards to their leadership, communication and ability to produce results. This often includes the teams, which the individuals belong to or lead. Wilhelm’s passion is the art of evoking powerful insights into the nature of human behaviour and performance, rather than merely presenting theory and models. He has lectured at the Department of Educational Sciences at Uppsala University and at the MBA program at Stockholm School of Economics. He has worked with training and development since 1989, in roles as Trainer, Programme Director, Sales Manager and Business Area Manager, for example at the Competence Development Centre at Cap Gemini, Stockholm. Since starting his own company, HAST Utveckling, in 2001, it has developed managers in more than 25% of Sweden’s 100 largest companies.