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Do You Walk Around Wearing The Invisible Life Jacket?

By Katherine Breuss on 14/12/2014 in Newsletters

Do You Walk Around Wearing The Invisible Life Jacket?

Little children take everything they see literally and that is why movies can seem so scary as they appear real. Once they realise that what they are watching is not real, the way they experience that movie completely changes.

As we grow up, many of us do the same in life. We take everything we see as reality, as our truth. It’s as if we were to wear a life jacket while watching the movie the Titanic, but of course we do not do that as we understand the nature of film. It’s a story on a screen made of up actors, cameras, lights and tiny pixels that allow us to see what is shown. While we are watching we may feel the ups and downs throughout, but we are okay as we know we are not going down with the ship. As it’s just a movie, a story on a screen.

Life is exactly the same. It’s the movie of our mind, and once this is realised and understood, the way we experience that movie is completely different. We no longer need the life jacket.

The question to ask yourself is, “Do you walk around wearing an invisible life jacket and what value does it give you?

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