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Is It Time For Some New Thinking?

By Katherine Breuss on 14/12/2014 in Newsletters

Is It Time For Some New Thinking?

A lot has happened over the last few weeks and I’m convinced now more than ever the need for the world to understand how we experience life… the INSIDE-OUT UNDERSTANDING. Unfortunately, we all become disillusioned believing our experience comes from the OUTSIDE-IN… I’ll be happy when I win a million dollars, when I buy a house, when I get promoted, when I drive a ferrari, when my spouse treats me better. The main problem with this misunderstanding is that NONE of that CREATES HAPPINESSeven when it looks like it does.

How many truly content people do you know? I’m not talking about someone who is constantly happy as that is not realistic, but an individual who is at peace with his/her life and is OKAY no matter what happens. They are comfortable in their own skin and operate their life from love and understanding, our true nature. It’s not about what they say, but the sense you get when you are around them. They understand how we experience life and they know and trust their resilience.

Happiness comes and goes, but understanding and resilience allows us to be comfortable in our own skin and enjoy life no matter what it brings. Imagine what it would be like to understand and see your resilience and life for what it is? 

When I reflect back on the challenges my family and I have faced over the last year: theft, lies, manipulation, greed, I realise that these incidents have happened because people were caught up in the illusion and believed that the OUTSIDE world will bring them a sense of comfort and peace. But in fact, these people were willing to get these things at a cost. They hurt and took from others in order for their own gain.

However, ultimately it was the innocence of their own thinking as for them at that time that was their reality, their illusion. Now I’m not saying that people are not responsible for their actions as they are. It’s just that our thinking can look so real and sometimes people sacrifice their true nature: kindness, love, understanding, based on the illusion that the outside world will make them happy.

For my family, it all worked out for the best as it always does and we are OKAY and will always be no matter what happens as we understand we ONLY experience LIFE from the INSIDE-OUT and we ALL have INNER WISDOM and INNATE WELL-BEING.

This is true for all of us as we all have this resilience within us. Once we trust our inner wisdom and innate health and realise how we experience life, things just change. Life becomes effortless and we revert back to our natural, innate selves: loving, compassionate, understanding. Just like we were when we were born and as little children. There’s a lot we can learn from children.

The illusion of the world today can be so strong and pull us into thinking we experience life from the Outside-In, but in fact it’s the Inside-Out, and this a much easier way to live as we allow our natural selves to come through and we trust in our resilience and inner wisdom.

Remember, you are only ONE THOUGHT away from understanding.

Spread Your Childlike Spirit – Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin!

Challenges in life happen to all of us, but DO NOT fall into the illusion that this determines our well-being. ONLY we, ourselves, determine our well-being and how we experience the world.

What would it be like if you went out and did something nice today and showed your childlike self to the world? I wonder how that might be contagious and spread…

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