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News & Events

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Breuss Consulting and its partners are constantly presenting in a variety of conferences and open programmes around the world. See the calendar below on What’s Happening.

Great Deal for Students and Graduates:

CUTTING EDGE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT At a HUGE discount. Gain access to 80% of what current professionals receive within organisations.

At a fraction of the price begin to:

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  • Differentiate yourself
  • Get the job you want
  • Discover what it means to be the leader of your life
  • Perform at the top of your game
  • Acquire the competitive advantage
  • And above all, learn what it means and how to lead the life you desire.
For the 1st 5,000 subscribers in 2015, there is another 50% discount offering a 1-year subscription at $250.00 USD. What you receive:
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  • 80% access to the Breuss Corporate e-Academy (over 30 hours of high quality professional development content)
  • Top consultants and coaches from around the world
  • Monthly webinars on the hot topics in the workplace
  • Articles, audios and downloadable material
  • Q&A sessions with the top consultants across the globe
Don’t miss out! Differentiate yourself and be the leader of your life!

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