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March 2015: Personal Effectiveness

By Katherine Breuss on 16/12/2014 in news

March 2015
Personal Effectiveness
Facilitators: Wilhelm Hast and Katherine Breuss

Singapore  – 12 & 13 March 2015

This programme is for anyone who wants to create results while operating with a high degree of freedom, power and reduced stress. We address how increased pressure; information, tasks and requests can cause an overflow in our every day work life and then provide hands-on tools and techniques for increased performance and increased peace of mind.

  • Gain understanding on how our brain and work memory react creating insights into new ways of doing things
  • Obtain hands-on principles, tools and models that can directly be put to use
  • Ability to save time through prioritisation, delegation and effective working teams

You will actively take part in this hands-on programme through reflection, discussion, group exercises and most importantly, we will apply this new practical knowledge during the programme so you obtain immediate results!

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