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What Happened To New Jersey When Mars Invaded!

By Katherine Breuss on 14/12/2014 in Newsletters

What Happened To New Jersey When Mars Invaded!

In 1938 Orson Welles wrote, produced and directed the now motion picture War of the Worlds. At that time radio was the Hollywood of today, which had only been around for 10 years but 3 out of 4 families in the US had a box and listened to the programmes every evening.

Halloween night in 1938 at 8pm the Mercury Theatre on the Air, which was a popular radio show, performed the dramatic adaptation of the story, War of the Worlds. Welles decided to tell the story of the alien invasion through a series of news bulletins that would interrupt a bogus radio show featuring innocuous dance music. The interruptions came progressively closer together whilst reporting increasingly disturbing developments of the “invasion” taking place in fictional Grover’s Mill, New Jersey.

Because of the realistic format of the presentation and the fact that many listeners tuned in after the dramatization had begun, the effect of the show on its audience was startling. You can imagine what happened, can’t you?

Many believed the alarming reports to be true and a growing panic spread quickly amongst the radio listeners. The CBS switchboard was overloaded and the NY Times took 875 calls and the Associated Press had to issue a bulletin at 8:48pm assuring the nervous public that there was indeed no invasion from Mars. New Jersey highways were clogged with cars fleeing to New York and Philadelphia and gas masks were worn by some residents.

Now the reality was far from what the terrified folks believed AND once they understood that Mars WAS NOT INVADING everything changed. They didn’t have to do anything. It’s the same with how we experience life. Once we understand how it works (inside-out), there is nothing we need to do or fix. It just naturally evolves and changes.

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