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Why Aren’t We Awesomer?

By Katherine Breuss on 23/04/2015 in Members Area, Newsletters

Why Aren’t We AWESOMER?

From awareness to results…


If being AWESOME isn’t an ACCEPTABLE choice to be when we grow up, then what is?

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Michael Neill presented on Tedx Bends, “Why Aren’t We Awesomer?” and as I heard that, it summed up how many of my clients, friends, family and acquaintances feel about themselves and their life. It’s not that we are broken or not working; it just feels like we could be better, life could be better, that something is missing. We appear to have it all or mostly have it all, but yet we still can’t find our AWESOMENESS… our awesome self, our awesome life, our awesome relationships and so on.

It’s the statements such as:

• “If I only had more money, then I would be less stressed.”

• “If my kids just behaved, then I would be more calm.”

• “If I had a better job, then I would be happier at work.”

• “If I lost 10lbs, then I would feel good about myself.”

• “If I had a better spouse, then I would feel more love.”


“If I had X, then I would be AWESOMER or life would be AWESOMER!”

How many of you hear yourself saying this in one way or another?

How many of us are truly content in lifewith who we are, with what we are doing and with the relationships surrounding us?

What would life be like if we regularly lived in a place of well-being and peace of mind, if we were clear about our purpose and direction in life and if we surrounded ourselves with healthy and positive relationships? I would say…pretty AWESOME!

The question is though, “Would we be content then?” Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on how we view contentment. Do you see it as something to achieve outside of you or do you see it as it truly is, already inside each and every one of us? And when we do, that’s when our AWESOMENESS comes alive.

So, now you maybe wondering, “Well, how do I get it?” And in order to find out, we must first see through the misunderstanding that fogs our mind. It honestly is the GREATEST ILLUSION OF ALL TIME…

Misunderstanding how life actually works and thinking that our contentment comes from something outside of us is the illusion. “I’ll be happy when… X happens.” But it doesn’t come from our circumstances, people, places or events. When we think that is does, we are pointing in the wrong direction and misguided by the illusion.

So then, where does contentment, well-being, peace of mind, direction, healthy relationships – essentially, our AWESOMENESS – come from? It all boils down to our understanding of how we experience life and our experience 100% of the time comes from the Inside-Out. Seeing this changes EVERYTHING, and it wakes us up to our AWESOMENESS!

Now, I think that “AWESOME” is a HIGHLY ACCEPTABLE choice to be when we grow up, and when we find our AWESOMENESS there are no limits to what we can do and how life occurs for us. We grow throughout our life span when we allow it and by understanding the Inside-Out nature, it raises our awareness, which raises our experience, which raises our results.

From awareness to results…

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